I live and work in the Chartreuse mountains near Grenoble, France. My work is inspired by the nature, trees, streams and mountains that surround my home.

Creating ceramics is a collaboration between the clay, the fire, the environment and myself. Relaxing into every step of the process, enjoying the moment, feeling the earth, appreciating the clay in my hands, dancing with a shape on the wheel or a paintbrush full of glaze… For me, pottery is about patience, movement and joy.

I go looking for clay in the nearby forest. I use wood ash collected from my neighbors’ stove. I create Japanese-inspired “Shino” glazes. And I love to experiment, mixing and matching glazes, shapes, clays, firing schedules, etc. It’s a never ending series of unexpected results.

I’ve been enjoying tea for the past twenty years and this has left me with a soft spot for tea bowls, teapots and teaware inspired by Japanese ceramics.

In the end, I simply try to make pottery that feels good in my hands, in your hands, and hopefully, in the next generation’s hands.

“Go slowly, don’t rush, every step brings you to the best moment of life.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more. I’m also open to collaborative and commission projects.